Millie (Mildred) (Millie-ann)

I adopted Millie, a chiweenie, from Help The Animals 3+ years ago when she was 9 or 10 years old. She was treated for kennel cough but it was an undiagnosed collapsed lung. She was within days of dying. She has an excellent vet who had the knowledge and equipment to save her. She's in good health now except for the tolls of being overweight.


I adopted Pollyanna, all-american, a month after adopting Millie from Help The Animals. She's named Polly because she's polydactyl (extra toes). I was told she's 1/2 Lundehund and English Bull Terrier, but their guess is as good as mine. I'd guess part white American Bulldog. She's sweet as any dog can be. She's very social -- she likes dog school for obedience, agility, and social skills. She helps keep the chickens home and the predators away. Like Millie, she loves to relax.

Besides dew claws, Polly has an extra jointed toe and pad on all 4 feet .. good for rock-climbing. The extra toes is why she was assumed to be part Lundehund, a rock-climbing puffin hunting dog. Polly is extremely flexible, maybe double-jointed. When she's thinner she could lay her head backward on her spine, her legs could spread sideways, and she can sleep folded up as small as a basketball. She needed surgery to remove the upper ear canal because the extra tissues (for protection of wind/rain into the ears) caused blockage and ear infections. She has unique physical characteristics but not appearance of Lundehund, such as size or coat.

Polly and Klover tree'd this cat, it must've climbed 50 feet up and was there for hours and into dark.

Polly's favorite toy is a bowling ball. I call her elephant butt because she has an ear on each cheek, the center dome of the head, and the tail is the trunk.

Polly sings. She can say 'want one' or 'momma'.